Scala Engineer

Do you love the border between development and product? Are you an ardent learner who’s always looking to improve? Can you play with both humans and machines?

GONG is the first of its kind playful social news platform where you can actually be a part of and impact today's top stories, rather than just reading them.

We have:
  • A top notch scalable platform that serves hundreds of thousands of engaged users
  • A team of aces to work with.
  • An open mind for new ideas and methodologies.
  • A strong back by top VCs - Sequoia, Mangrove & Bloomberg Beta.
You have:
  • Extensive experience with server-side technologies (Java, Scala or other)
  • Experience with software design, coding and delivery to production
  • The understanding of team strategies and objectives
  • The motivation to learn and constantly improve your skills
  • The people skills required to work with designers, developers and product managers
You might also have:
  • Experience with Scala language or other functional languages
  • Experience with Cassandra DB
  • Experience with NLP
  • Knowledge of web development
  • Experience google cloud platform, Docker and Kubernetes
  • Interest in creating a great social news platform
  • The ability to get a perfect score on this - game of thrones quiz.
Or enjoy this lovely collection of gifs in the mean time:
© GONG, Inc. All rights reserved
© GONG, Inc. All rights reserved