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This apocalyptic anti-Trump billboard won’t come down until he leaves office, its creator insists

Artist and activist Karen Fiorito is concerned that the U.S. is moving towards "dictatorship" so she created a roadside billboard in Phoenix that depicts President Trump surrounded by imagery that looks like swastikas and nuclear mushroom clouds.
(Reuters) There are many words that could describe the President Trump-ridiculing billboard that went up in Phoenix on Friday — menacing, hateful, apocalyptic. But there’s one adjective that’s particularly vexing to the people who live on Grand Avenue near Fillmore Street: enduring. The billboard lampoons Trump using a medium more common for advertisements about lite beer and HVAC companies. And the people who designed and erected it say it will glare out over the streets of Phoenix for at least as long as Trump is president. Trump leers out from the billboard and is flanked by mushroom clouds and Swastika-style dollar signs. It’s a not-so-subtle dig at where Karen Fiorito, the artist who created the image, sees the country going if the president is left unchecked. “I hope that people feel inspired to stand up and speak out and to not be afraid,” Fiorito told The Washington Post.
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