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Falcons free agent tracker: Chris Chester, Jacob Tamme top players left on the market

While the Falcons are probably winding down big-time in free agency, they still have several free agents from the team who are out on the open market and free to sign anywhere.
Here’s a look at those players, and some thoughts on whether any of them are likely to return to the Falcons in 2017. The Falcons cut ties with Tyson Jackson after three years of solid run defense and not much else, with the last piece of the frustrating 2014 free agency class that featured Jon Asamoah, Paul Soliai, Devin Hester and T-Jax headed out the door. At 30, the former #3 overall pick is what he is: A run stuffer who can occasionally deliver you a pressure or two. He might fare better as an end in a 3-4, but nobody’s giving Jackson a starting gig in 2017. He might be best off settling for a short-term, prove-it deal in a different system. Babs still put some good games on tape in 2017, particularly in the postseason, and he’s the kind of player any team would like in their locker room. He is 35 years old, however, and clearly approaching the end of his long and distinguished career.
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