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'Walking Dead': How the Comics Could Influence What's Next for Sasha

[This story contains spoilers through season seven, episode 14 of AMC's The Walking Dead.]
Was Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) happy when she was with Abraham Ford (Michael Cudlitz)? She sure was — and it sure looks like the sadly separated couple will reunite soon enough. The 14th episode of The Walking Dead's seventh season, called "The Other Side," saw Sasha teaming up with an unlikely ally: Rosita (Christian Serratos), Abraham's ex-girlfriend, who has made no secret about how much she can't stand Sasha. Two episodes earlier, Sasha and Rosita agreed to travel to the Sanctuary to assassinate Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) with a sniper rifle, knowing full well that they were signing up for a suicide mission. So far it's a bloodless affair, at least where Rosita and Sasha are concerned. Indeed, it was actually a relatively happy affair, at least by Walking Dead season seven standards, as the two finally squashed their beef and bonded over their shared love for Abraham and his zest for life. But the happiness was short-lived, as Sasha's window to snipe Negan from a safe distance was too short to make any kind of move.
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