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The Walking Dead Did Something I Didn't Think Was Possible

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It made Rosita a compelling character. I’m not actually trying to be shitty here, at least not to the character herself. It was The Walking Dead’s responsibility to make us care about Rosita, something it’s resolutely failed to do since introducing her back in season four. Her compatriots Abraham and Eugene got ample screen time so we could get to know them, but Rosita had about as many lines as the late, lamented T-Dogg, and less of a personality. In four seasons, her only defining characteristic was her relationship with Abraham, both before and after he dumped her. I guess Rosita also had a death wish, but since 50 percent minimum of the cast have a death wish at any given time, that hardly made her stand out. Advertisement Her second dumb, doomed attempt to kill Negan looked poised to finally put the character out of her misery, but I was pleasantly surprised to see her open up and talk about herself to Sasha.
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