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TV Review: The Walking Dead - Season 7, Episode 14

Season 7, Episode 14: The Other Side PLOT: Rosita and Sasha move forward with a plan to assassinate Negan while the Saviors make an unexpected visit to the Hilltop.
REVIEW: The build-up continues. While I have expected The Walking Dead to wait until the very last episode of the season to get to the war against Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and his Saviors that this second half has been leading to, I did have some hope that the show would break from the established pattern that causes a spike in viewership for the premieres and finales. Casual viewers know that's when they can tune in to see some action. So I would suggest shaking things up a bit. Get to the battle a little earlier and have it last through the last few episodes. But that's not what the powers that be are doing. The battle with Negan didn't officially start tonight, the preview for next week's episode shows that it will also be a build-up story, and so there we have it - we're not getting that fight until the last episode.
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