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Julia, The First Muppet With Autism, Is About To Make Her Debut On "Sesame Street"

"It's important for kids without autism to see what autism can look like."
The show announced in 2015 that Julia would be joining their crew in an online initiative. Now, Julia is making her debut on the small screen in April. Christine Ferraro, a writer on Sesame Street, has been working on the show for 25 years. She told 60 Minutes' Lesley Stahl that the show decided to introduce an autistic character because of the increase in diagnosis' of the condition of the past few decades. She and the rest of the staff wanted to teach kids more about their friends with autism, so they may learn how to interact with them better. "So that when they encounter them in their real life it's familiar. And they see that these — these can be their friends too," she told Stahl.
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