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Blinding Sun In Battlefield 1 Being Addressed by DICE

28 days ago

Battlefield's newest expansion, They Shall Not Pass came with another unwelcome expansion; A big-ass sun way more powerful than that of any sun we've ever seen. Reddit users noticed this change that causes extreme flashes of blindness on multiple maps. The only way to avoid being bombarded by the sun is to make sure it's always at your back.  ​

DICE has acknowledged the issue and has confirmed they have been tracking it for some time. While the "graphical issue is high on the priority list," there is no timeline to promise the community with. DICE will share further information on the issue as progress has been made. 

It's unlikely we will see any fixes in the weeks to come. Battlefield is preparing a big Spring update that promises to adjust the online netcode for better server stability. Hopefully, the lighting fixes will come with the update. 

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