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The Top 10 Most Epic Battlefield 1 Kills (As Told In Glorious Gifs)

102 days ago

As an avid gamer, nothing is more satisfying than getting a Battlefield kill. Except when it's extremely humiliating and documented in gif form.  I compiled a list of the top 10 kills I've found for your enjoyment. If you think you've got a better kill, feel free to comment below.  

10. This dude's face is gone

9. Look at this fucking dumbass

8. How is this even possible? 

7. Low flying mistake

6. I call bullshit 

5. Ok, this dude is no joke 

4. Are you kidding me? 

3. You know he got laid after this one

2. Tiny pistol kill 

1. So damn satisfying 

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