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Redditor Says He Schooled Romo In Basketball - Has Video Proof

54 days ago

So, I was poking around Reddit and stumbled upon this little gem. 

It all started with a video submitted by Padthai93 of this insane full court buzzer-beater at an Indian high school game.

Then, out of nowhere, Funkydisco surfaces, claiming that he was that guy 20 years ago, while casually mentioning that it was Tony Romo who was guarding him at the time. 

Lo and behold, he provided the video evidence about an hour later. Here's the memorable moment in all it's glory:

Talk about foreshadowing. 

Glad to see much hasn't changed for Tony in the past 20 years. Could this be the root of Tony Romo's late game "issues"? 

If you get a few moments of down time today, I highly suggest not only checking out both videos, but also scrolling through the comments in the Reddit thread, they're nearly as good as the skills on the court.

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