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Trouble In Paradise - Romo Reportedly Shunning All 'Dak' Supporters

29 days ago

Anyone who knows anything about football can tell how completely ridiculous the Cowboys are being right now for continuing to string Tony Romo along.

Unsurprisingly, it has been reported that even Tony himself is finally getting fed up with being treated like a piece of toilet stuck to the bottom of Jerry Jones' shoe.

According to sources, Romo has apparently been distancing himself from coaches and teammates that have yet to come forward and show any support for him.

Look, we all understood when the Cowboys decided to take the franchise away from Romo and give it to Dak Prescott. We may not have liked it all that much, but we understood why it had to happen. 

But the right thing to do would have been for the Cowboys to let Romo free to join his future team, not continue to string him along without any hope of an answer anytime soon.

Them continuing to doing what they are doing is only driving a wedge further into the organization. On one side, you have the guys who are clearly rooting for Romo. They support him, and they want what's best for him.

On the other hand, you have the guys who are wholeheartedly "Team Dak", and that is where they plan to stay.

For Jerry Jones and the Cowboys to hold Romo in limbo is only increasing the chances that this going to blow up in their faces. 

Let him go before he not only hates the entire organization, but also before you tear down everything you've built.

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