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VIDEO: Ezekiel Elliot Exposes Woman's Breast At Parade (NSFW)

42 days ago

It looks like Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott is really enjoying himself during the offseason.

Thanks to TMZ, video has surfaced of the running back partying with a couple of people on a balcony during a St. Patrick’s Day Parade and pulling a move straight out of 'Girls Gone Wild' in Dallas this last weekend.

The video shows the women teasing the crowd below by pointing at her breasts and then pointing to Elliott. Elliott sees the woman pointing, and thinks that she is trying to tell him to free the nipple which he then proceeds to do.

If the video does not play, you can view the original HERE.

It was all in good fun, though, and Elliott’s reps tell TMZ that the woman was not upset by the action, and the pair continued partying it up, even after the parade ended.

Many fans online were quick to point out that this might not be the best look for Elliott right now. The running back is currently under investigation by the NFL for a domestic violence incident.

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