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The Story of How Tony Romo Almost Wasn't A Cowboy

15 days ago

So instead of us mourning the fact that one of the greatest Cowboys ever has now decided to retire, we should be celebrating the fact that he was even with us in the first place.

Yes, Tony Romo almost didn't play for the Cowboys.

If you remember your Romo trivia correctly, you will remember that he went through the 2003 draft without being signed by any team for seven rounds. It was only after that, that the Cowboys signed him as an undrafted free agent. 

Well, Romo revealed to Peter King of TheMMQB.com that there were two other teams that he was considering 14 years ago.

This is what Romo had to say about deciding where to sign as an undrafted free-agent:

"I actually wanted to go to Denver a little bit more, I felt like I had a better chance of making the roster."

"The money... Arizona, I believe, offered the most, probably around $20,000 or $25,000, which was like being rich at that time. Denver came in and they were like 15 to 20 but they also had Mike Shanahan who I had strong respect for, and obviously the Cowboys came in. 

It was Mike Shanahan on one side and then Bill Parcells on the other. Sean [Payton] would call in and then eventually he passed the phone to Jerry [Jones], so you went through the whole gamut."

And in the end, It was Payton, then the Cowboys’ quarterbacks coach, who connected with Romo because they both went to Eastern Illinois and sealed the deal for Romo to go to Dallas.

Romo said that he went with his gut. And I for one, could not be happier that he did.

Could you imagine how different the landscape of the entire NFL would have been had Romo signed with the Broncos or Cardinals? 

For me, the potential ramifications of Romo's decision made in 2003 are just unfathomable.

Could he have won a ring? Could the Cowboys have won one in that time? Do they still draft Dak? Does Peyton ever wind up on the Broncos winning a Super Bowl? The questions go on for days. I guess we'll never know.

Let us know how you think things may have been different had Romo signed elsewhere in the comments down below.

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