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Fans Are Discussing The Worst Possible Ways 'Game of Thrones' Could End

21 days ago

Nothing is worse than investing a hundred hours of your life into a show only to be slapped in the face in the series finale.

It's not uncommon for shows to do this. Dexter, Lost, Seinfeld, True Blood, The Sopranos, and even Roseanne all ripped my soul out.  

Are we setting the bar too high?  Should we prepare to be kicked in the face?

Why did I invest so much of my time if you're going to mess with my emotions like that?  

With two seasons left in the chamber, myself and many Redditors are getting worried thinking about how Game of Thrones will end. 

Redditor shaylw recently asked, “What’s the worst way they could end the series?” and to say some of the answers are in fact terrible ways for the show to end, would be a major understatement. 

Here are a few of my favorites, or should I say least favorite? 

You can see all of the great responses HERE.

What's the worst way you could imagine the show ending? Send me your ideas in the comments.

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