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Is HBO Hinting at a Hodor Return?

16 days ago

Image: HBO

With season 7 still months away, HBO continues to drop promo after promo on us.  We're not complaining, but every promo seems to raise more questions than answers. 

The most recent drop includes various cast members attempting to make the "static-y" noise you hear before every episode.  ​You can check it out below: 

Spoilers on season 6 to follow:

At first glance everything seems normal, but then when you think about it, why would they feel the need to include a cast member who died last season?  

If you remember, which of course you do, Kristian Narn, AKA Hodor, was ripped to shreds by Wights as he held the door for Bran and Meera to escape.  

What could his appearance on the season 7 promo mean?  Was the cast in the middle of filming an episode when they took everyone aside to film this promo?  

Image: HBO

Before season 7 even began filming, Kristian speculated the possibility of a Hodor return: ​

​"As much as I would like to come back and play a White Walker, I think it would be wrong. There are too many emotions tied up, it would be a bit of a travesty to bring him back. If they're going to do it, i'm sure they'd find a really cool way to do it. Whatever happens, it's probably not going to end well. A zombie Hodor is not a pretty thought." 

The Night King would be lucky to have a man like Hodor on his team. Could you imagine seeing Hodor as the leader of his own undead horde? 

It would be a devastating sight, but HBO isn't really worried about hurting your feelings. 

However, since he's not dressed as a White Walker or has blue eyes, It's possible he may just return to the show through one of Bran's trips to the past to Winterfell or on the way to the Three-Eyed Raven's cave. 

Who knows? Maybe we are blowing this all out of proportion and looking too deep for meaning.  Maybe he just had a hole in his schedule and decided to stop by the film set.

Either way, July 16th can't come soon enough.  

What do you think? Will we see Hodor in season 7?  

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