Leaked Game Of Thrones Script Reveals Stannis Baratheon's True Fate

32 days ago

In the season 5 finale of Game of Thrones, we saw what appeared to be the death of Stannis Baratheon. Anyone who's seen the show knows, if you don't actually see the death, there's a good chance their not dead. It's Game of Thrones 101.

So that brings us to Stannis and Brienne. Since the episode aired, theories have filled the internet regarding Stannis' fate. If you remember, as Brienne strikes down on Stannis, you never actually see the death. Which led many to believe she may have changed her mind and let him live. 

A newly leaked Game of Thrones script seems to confirm what we have all been wondering. As noted by an observant Reddit user, the cut dialogue and stage directions seem to confirm his death.

BRIENNE: Do you have any last words?

[Stannis considers.]

STANNIS: Do you believe in the life to come?

[Brienne nods.]

STANNIS: I don't. But if I’m wrong, and you're right... tell Renly I'm sorry when you get there. I don't imagine I'll see him wherever I'm going. (beat) And my daughter. Tell her... tell her...

[“Sorry” doesn’t begin to cover what he feels about Shireen. The thought of it brings tears to his eyes, and he’s not going to die weeping in front of a woman he doesn’t know. Stannis stares up at her.]

STANNIS: Go on. Do your duty.

[Brienne raises her sword and brings it down with a mighty swing.]

The version that aired on HBO did not go down exactly as the script. When Brienne asks Stannis if he has any last words, he simply replies, "Go on. Do your duty." 

With this newly leaked dialogue, it seems pretty clear that this was the last time we were going to see Stannis. Death is never guaranteed in Game of Thrones, but I think it's time to let this one go.

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