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'Playstation Now' Adds 13 Iconic Sega Games To Its Library

45 days ago

Sony has announced that they are celebrating ‘SEGA & Sonic Month’ by adding 13 SEGA titles to its PlayStation Now line-up, bringing the library to nearly 500 total games.

This recent group of games is a real trip down memory lane for us gamers from the '90s. I'm not sure how well received these titles will be for newer gamers, but at the very least, it will give them an opportunity to play some of the most iconic games from yesteryear. 

If you're having any difficulty choosing a title, my go-to back in the day was Super Hang-on. You can't go wrong with a classic motorcycle racing game. 

The 13 most recent games include: 

Alex Kidd in the Miracle World

Altered Beast

Comix Zone

Fighting Vipers

Golden Axe

Revenge of Shinobi

Sega Bass Fishing

Sonic Adventure

Sonic Adventure 2

Sonic the Fighters

Sonic Unleashed

Super Hang-on

Virtual Fighter 2

The streaming service frequently updates their games, but moving forward they will be focusing their attention on strictly PS4 and PC leaving the PS3 behind.  

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