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Play 1 Hour of Bethesda's 'Prey' For FREE

12 days ago


Bethesda is known for some of the most popular series in gaming history including Fallout, Skyrim, Doom, Dishonored and Wolfenstein. 

The publisher is also known for being generous with their fans. Just last week they revealed a Dishonored 2 free trial, followed by a seven-day unlimited access event for Elder Scrolls Online.  

Most recently, Bethesda announced they will be offering fans the opportunity to demo the first hour of their latest game, Prey, which is being developed by Arkane Studios.  

The demo contains the first hour of play-through. The following is the description taken directly from their announcement. 

Morgan Yu is about to have a very bad day. Aliens have escaped containment, dead bodies now litter the hallways of the Talos I space station, survivors are huddled together for safety, and the Typhon aliens are threatening to destroy everything you hold dear. As Morgan, you’ll have to fight the invasion in order to save humanity.

The Prey demo will be available on April 27th, 2017 for Playstation 4 and Xbox One. The game will officially launch 1 week later on May 5th for PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. Pre-orders are available here

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