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Is The No Man’s Sky Path Finder Update A Reference To Mass Effect: Andromeda?

47 days ago

No Man’s Sky’s newest update will bring a unique item into the game. Is this upcoming patch a reference to the highly-anticipated Mass Effect: Andromeda?

Hello Games has recently announced that its newest patch will be called Path Finder. The main focus of this update is a new vehicle that will “aid in home planet exploration.” Aside from this, Hello Games has not shared any more information that will come with this newest patch. 

In fact, Hello Games has not even shared a picture or a video relating to this vehicle. Players should expect the full patch notes to be available the day of the official release.

The studio claims to be listening to the community and were rather surprised to find the many positive reviews on the Foundation update. Most importantly, they claim to be listening to the negative comments fans are saying.

So is No Man’s Sky Referencing Mass Effect Andromeda? The patch is being released very closely to the upcoming Mass Effect Andromeda game, reports VG247. Similarly, the title actually focuses more on space exploration this time. Not to mention, the Path Finder is a title given to those who explore the Andromeda Galaxy.

It seems like Hello Games is trying to make a clear homage to Mass Effect. Despite this information, neither studio has confirmed or denied these claims. For now, we’ll have to wait.

What do you think? Is this a clear reference? Leave your comments below.

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