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Dreadnought's PS4 Closed Beta Is Officially Live - Sign Up Here

7 days ago


Dreadnought's closed beta for PS4 has officially launched, and you can sign up today! Dreadnought has been available in a closed beta on PC for some time, but today sees the first day it's available on PS4. 

You can sign up for the closed beta here.  GreyBox will be selecting groups of users are they are ready throughout the day.  

Dreadnought takes a different approach to video game spaceship combat. Instead of flying around and blasting at enemies, the game takes a more thoughtful approach. Placing you inside these giant spaceships, players each have to manage systems and contend with the slow nature of these machines.  

To be successful in this game, you need to work as a team. While you may choose a class with massive firepower, you will need to rely on your teammates for help healing up or avoiding fights all together.  

There is no word on when the final release will come, but it's expected sometime later this year.  

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