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1TB PS4 Slim Release Announced Along With Price

8 days ago

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The PS4 Slim was an affordable alternative to the original PS4 and came with more improvements.  However, the Slim only had 500GB of space. all of this will change this month.  

Sony announced on Twitter that the PS4 Slim will now come in a 1TB model and the price will remain the EXACT same at $299.99.  

This kind of burns for those who bought the 500GB, but if you're still on the market, this is a great option.  ​

The announcement links to the PS4 Slim product page which now has the 1TB Slim in place of the 500GB.  There is no mention of the 500GB anywhere.  

We can assume they will probably be phasing out the console and will be offering a deep discount on the 500GB in the coming months.  

The PS4 Slim will include all the accessories included in the original such as one DualShock 4 Controller, a USB cable for charging and a mono headset.  

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