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Pimp Out Your PS4 With This Awesome Wallpaper Site

46 days ago

Sony finally released their 4.5 update yesterday. One of the new cool features it includes is, support for custom wallpapers, opening up a world of customization options. 

Your PS4 homepage should be an extension of yourself. 

When your friends come over to game, how will you be remembered? 

Will you be that friend who has the boring, weak standard wallpaper Playstation started you out with, or will you have something totally sick that your friends will remember?

While surfing through Reddit, I found an awesome post submitted by TheGamerBeast about this great site called Bramantya that sorts wallpapers by 4k, 1080p, banners, profile covers or by game. 

I figured I would share this little gem with everyone.

Here are just a few examples you can sink your gaming teeth into before pimping out your PS4. 

If you are having any issues saving or adding the wallpapers, you can reference the Reddit Thread for assistance - enjoy!

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