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Why You Might Want To Lick Your Nintendo Switch (But Shouldn't)

49 days ago

With the Nintendo Switch’s release on March 3, there are two big pieces of news that are dominating everything else about the device; that Breath of the Wild managed to live up to the hype, and that the game cartridges for the Switch taste awful (they do). 

Nintendo has released an official statement that, not only is it intentional, but they intend to make them all taste bad. 

The reason for this seemingly odd decision is actually very responsible. They don’t want you to eat it. Not the general public, no. Hopefully most people aren’t eating game cartridges. The taste is meant to deter children from eating, or even nibbling at, them. 

The chemical, Denatonium Benzoate, is the most bitter chemical known to man and should do a good job of keeping these small discs out of stomachs. A smart move for a company that prides itself on being family friendly. 

While the Switch’s success is still yet to be determined, this is a good sign. For Nintendo to think about and address such a specific issue bodes well for fans, because if they put this much thought and effort into such a minute aspect of the system, perhaps they intend to focus that energy into every aspect of the device. 

We can only hope that Sony and Microsoft don’t spritz Sriracha on their discs to try and follow Nintendo’s example.

Sasha's given name is actually Aleksander. His main interests are gaming, manga, anime, cooking, and Japanese pop culture. He's a Psychology major and English minor and head of the largest Sci-Fi/Anime club at Queens College. He's been writing semi-regularly since the age of 13 and can't wait to write more.
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