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Dwayne Allen: 'Always Admired' Patriots

37 days ago

The Patriots and Colts rivalry has been one of the biggest in football history, and it can’t be easy moving from one side of the rivalry to another, but that is just what Dwayne Allen is about to do.

Allen spent five NFL seasons with Indianapolis, and was able to play in the 2014 AFC Title game, which was the last time the Colts had played in a playoff game.

Allen spoke with “Patriots Today” after arriving in Foxboro, and had some words to say about being on the other side of the rivalry.

“Coming from the Colts, you’re taught to hate the Patriots, But I always admired them for their professionalism, how hard they work and of course the winning culture that they have here. There’s no wonder why the Patriots have been so successful. I’m just eager to get to work and to earn the right to be called a Patriot.”

Allen also commented how surprised he was that the trade even happened considering the animosity of the both teams towards each other.

“I never thought that a Colt could get traded here [to New England], but I knew that it was possible for Colts to come here. I’m excited to be here, man. It’s again been very refreshing meeting everyone in the building and just learning about the culture that makes this organization great.” spoke Allen while taking his first conference call.

This is not the Patriots’ first trade this offseason, and it looks like it won’t be their last. On the flip side, the Colts have taken on some Patriots as well. Well, former Patriots. Defensive end Jabaal Sheard and Linebacker Barkevious Mingo have both signed with the Colts.

Could this maybe be a sign of a feud finally ending? 

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