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Tom Brady Has More Playoff Wins Than These 28 NFL Franchises

24 days ago

So we all know that Tom Brady is the QB to end all the QBs. The man is a machine, and can't be beat.

In addition to breaking the record for playoff wins as a Quarterback before most QBs these days were even born, TB is now outpacing entire franchises when it comes to postseason wins.

To date, Brady's career postseason record is 25-9, placing him No. 1 all-time in playoff wins by a quarterback and No. 3 on best playoff win percentage (.727) since the AFL-NFL merger in 1970.

If that isn’t impressive enough, Brady’s 25 postseason victories are more than every team except four since the merger.

Here's a tweet to help put that stat into perspective.

In other words, if you counted Brady as an actual NFL team, he would rank 5th when it comes to playoff wins.

1. Steelers- 36 wins
2. Cowboys- 33 wins
3. Patriots- 31 wins
4. 49ers- 30 wins
5. Tom Brady- 25 wins
6. Broncos- 23 wins
7. Packers- 22 wins
8. Raiders- 22 wins
Tied 9. Giants, Redskins and Dolphins- 20 wins
12. Colts- 18 wins
13. Vikings- 17 wins
14. Rams- 16 wins
15. Seahawks- 16 wins
Tied 16. Eagles and Ravens- 15 wins
Tied 18. Bills and Titans- 12 wins
Tied 20. Jets, Chargers and Bears- 10 wins
Tied 23. Falcons and Panthers- 9 wins
25. Saints- 7 wins
Tied 26. Cardinals and Buccaneers- 6 wins
Tied 28. Jaguars and Bengals- 5 wins
Tied 30. Chiefs and Browns- 4 wins
32. Texans- 3 wins
33. Lions- 1 win

So obviously it is very unlikely that TB will ever surpass the 5th place spot, but being in the 5th spot as a single player is still such an incredible feat to reach. 

He is definitely making it difficult for any other QB to try and have half the career that he has had. 

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