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Martellus Bennett Has a Message For Patriots Fans

39 days ago

Martellus Bennett took to Twitter last night to try and silence all those who are trying to push him to take less money in order to stay with the Patriots.

These tweets came within the same day of NFL Media’s Ian Rapoport reporting that Bennett is planning on “testing free agency”, so there is a real possibility that he could leave New England.

It’s understandable for Bennett to want to try and get the most money that he possibly can. Players are different than team owners and management. For players, all they have are their bodies, so shouldn’t they try to get as much money as possible while they still can?

Yes, I would love to have Martellus Bennett stay with the Patriots. But, if he's happy with his one Superbowl ring and can make more money someplace else doing the exact same thing, can you really knock the guy? 

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