Gronkowski: “I want to play as long as I possibly can”

59 days ago

So after a few days of not so happy Patriots stories, we finally have something to cheer for.

Tight end Rob Gronkowski, who only played eight games in the 2016 season, came out today to say that he will “no doubt” be ready to play in the 2017 season.

"I'm not really sure. I still love playing the game, and as of right now, I want to play as long as I can possibly play. My mindset is to keep on going." Gronkowski told ESPN’s Cari Champion. This is amazing for someone who has had eight surgeries by the time he turned 27. I know at least for me, I trip over my own two left feet once and I’m done for the day.

Gronkowski still had an impressive record for the 2016 season despite only being able to play in eight games. 25 catches for 540 yards and two touchdowns. Most people get a headcold and can barely make it out of bed. Gronk did all that with back surgery AND injuries from earlier in the season.

Gronk also took time to talk everyone’s favorite person to hate, Roger Goodell. When asked how Patriots fans would react if Goodell ever decided to grace Foxboro with his presence, Gronkowski got very candid.

“To tell you the truth, I really don’t think so,” the TE commented, “The fans are nuts, they’re wild, and they have the Patriots’ back no matter what. They have Tom’s back. I’m telling you, he won’t get through the highway if the fans saw him. I don’t even think he can even land in the airport in Boston because Patriot fans are the best fans, they’re the most loyal fans. I’m telling you, they might just carry out Roger themselves. They couldn’t even get to the stadium in Foxboro if he landed in Boston.”

Maybe it’s best if you just avoid Massachusetts all together, Goodell. As for Gronkowski, looking forward to have him back on the field.

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