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Right On Schedule - Belichick Updates His Boat's Name

63 days ago

We all know Bill Belichick loves the phrase, “No days off!”, but even one of the hardest working coaches needs to treat themselves sometimes.

In the case of the Super Bowl winning coach, Belichick chose to treat himself in typical Patriots fashion: Show the world how much better his team and him are than anyone else. He did this in his usual subtle, yet effective way.

By updating the name of his boat to the number of rings he has won at the NFL level.

When Belichick first purchased the boat, he aptly named it, “V Rings” after the three championships with the Patriots, plus the two he had won while he was an assistant for the New York Giants.

When the Patriots won Super Bowl XLIX, Belichick took the opportunity to update the name, because you can’t have a boat called, “V Rings” when you have 6 rings on your hand, no?

Now 2 years, and one more Super Bowl win in his lap, Belichick wasted no time updating the name of his favorite sea vessel. Photos has surfaced of the fishing boat, now donning her name name, “VII Rings”.

At this point, I'm convinced Bill has a stack of stencils at home with boat names just ready and waiting to be updated. The guy wasted ZERO time making this change. Hell, I wouldn't either if I were the great coach of all-time. 

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