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Max Kellerman to Pats Fans: “Get Over Yourselves”

59 days ago

If you’re a Pats fan, you obviously know who Max Kellerman is. The First Take host has been known to take some serious hits at the Pats and Tom Brady, but now he has moved on to another group to harp on:

Pats fans

After receiving a mountain of backlash from his comments about Tom Brady, “going to be a bum in short order”, and, “is just about done”, Kellerman decided to fire back at the very vocal, and very loyal fanbase.

“No one anywhere in this country feels any sympathy for the New England Patriots,” the host ranted in the latest edition of his show, First Take. “There are sympathetic characters, and then there are all of you. Want to know why? Every single one of your major sports franchises has won a championship in the past 10 years yet, somehow, you still play the persecution card!”

Kellerman then went on to rant about how Patriots fans acted the last two years since the debacle that was Deflategate, even going after owner Robert Kraft about his comments saying he would never forget it happened.

“Hey New England: living well is the best revenge,” went on Kellerman. “Whining after everything – and I mean everything – goes your way all the time … there’s a reason everyone hates you guys. It’s not that your teams are so good. It’s that you handle it all so badly. Get over yourselves. Please.”

I can only imagine the sort of backlash the host has been getting since the episode has aired. He thought the backlash from some slight comments about Tom Brady were bad? Dude better stay away from the internet for a few days.

Do I sort of understand where Kellerman is coming from? Yes, but do I think he is doing the right thing by bashing one of the greatest teams and greatest fan-bases the sports world has ever seen? Absolutely not. Sports fans should be able to harp on their team getting shitted on just as much as they celebrate when their team does something great.

Hopefully Patriots fans don’t go too hard on him.

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