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Throwback Wednesday: The SuperBowl 49 fight

13 days ago

There was 18 seconds left in the most important game of the entire season, and instead of finishing a play, an all out brawl broke out on the field.

It was Super Bowl XLIX, Patriots v Seahawks, and the fight was seen across the country.

During a late interception from Russell Wilson in the Patriots' end zone, the Patriots took over control of the ball from its 1 yard line.

Encroachment was called on the Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett, and the Pats moved up to the 6 yard line, when Tom Brady then took a knee.

And before you even had time to blink, both teams were going at each other in the end zone.

If you were left confused as to why an all out brawl was happening in the last 20 seconds of the game, you weren't alone. Even some of the players on the field didn't even remember what happened.

Pats TE Rob Gronkowski went on Jimmy Kimmel live shortly after the Super Bowl, and was shocked when he watched the video, even pleading for NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to not fine him.

Do you remember where you were during that famous fight? What was the worst Super Bowl brawl you've ever seen. Let us know in the comments down below.

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