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Bill Belichick Throws Another Dig At Goodell With Combine Outfit

52 days ago

So here I was thinking that millennial girls were the shadiest creatures on the planet, but I guess even NFL coaches love to throw a little shade every now then. Even Bill Belichick.

It’s as if Roger Goodell tried to spread rumors about Bill Belichick, but everyone went back to Belichick and told him about the rumors Goodell was spreading. Now Belichick just loves to throw dig after dig in Goodell’s face how much better he is than Goodell could ever be.

First, Belichick decided to show off the new name of his boat, VII Rings. VII Rings of course meaning the seven Super Bowl rings he has won. But now, Belichick has again gone and body slammed Goodell.

Belichick is at the combine this weekend, scouting new potential draft picks, and several sources has reported that he is sporting a very interesting, and very shady, sweatshirt.

“Bill Belichick walking around combine today wearing VII Rings sweatshirt” tweeted Jon Machota, a reporter for Dallas News.

So not only is Belichick shouting out the world that he is better than you could ever be, but he is also sticking to everyone at the NFL, especially Goodell, how much better he is than you could ever be.

I aspire to be as shady as you, Belichick. Keep being shady.

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