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5 Things To Know About Brady's Stolen Jersey & The Man Who Took It

34 days ago

Before this week, you had probably never even heard of Mauricio Ortega, but now, you will probably never be able to forget him.

Ortega has been named in the Mexican media as the journalist (and memorabilia collector) accused of stealing Tom Brady's uber valuable Super Bowl jersey.

The tweet loosely translates to, “Mauricio Ortega ‘former director’ of La Prensa was who stole #Brady jerseys and more! #Rata #Ladron #NFL.”

Another source reported that Ortega is an NFL memorabilia collector who regularly frequents auctions.

TMZ has found and released video what they are saying is of the suspect, which was originally captured by Fox and aired during the game.

Ortega's identity was released after the Houston police department and the NFL confirmed that both of the QB's jerseys had been found. 

Furthermore, Ortega is also being accused of stealing Von Miller's helmet, according to TMZ. Authorities have yet to release or confirm the name of the suspect.

There is also currently no word of an arrest.

Americans, on the other hand, wasted no time in revealing the name.

A writer for Proseco reported that Ortega was dismissed a few days ago when they learned that is was he who had stolen Tom Brady's jersey. 

“The director of the newspaper La Prensa, Mauricio Ortega. He had Brady jersey.” They said.

One of the biggest stories swarming the Super Bowl (aside from the awesome comeback) has easily been Tom Brady's missing jersey. 

At the time, and no one had even reported his missing jersey from the 2015 Super Bowl, or Miller's missing helmet. 

So who is Mauricio Ortega? Here's some facts about the super memorabilia thief:

​1. Ortega Once Took A Selfie with Brady

This was in addition to taking photos with Robert Kraft, Steelers' Ben Roethlisberger and Heath Miller, and Giants' Brandon Jacobs.

​2. Ortega Is Also Accused of Stealing Von Miller's Cleats

3. The NFL Confirmed That The Jersey Was Found in Possession Of A 'Credentialed Member' Of The International Media

There has also been video footage released by TMZ Sports where it shows Ortega entering the dressing rooms with his credentials, but nothing in his hands. 

He is then seen leaving the dressing room, this time with an object tucked under his arm.

4. The Stolen Jersey Has An Estimated Value of $500,000

This was partially due to the fact that the Patriots had come back in the fourth quarter to win Super Bowl 51.

Lt. Governor Patrick of Texas called the jersey, the "most valuable NFL collectable ever."

​5. Brady Did Not Seem Too Upset About The Missing Jersey

Posted below is video of Tom Brady speaking about the missing jersey: 

WMTW-TV has also released transcript of Brady and Robert Kraft speaking about the stolen jersey.

It is unclear when Brady will be reunited with both of Super Bowl jerseys, but we are all very happy that this mystery has finally been solved.

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