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Tom Brady Proves Yet Again That His Social Media Game Is On Another Level

39 days ago

Tom Brady took to Instagram today to update the world on one of the greatest Super Bowl mysteries ever faced by a team: The stolen jersey.

“Hey @edelman11 "Ya suspect, yeah you! I don't know what your reputation is in this town, but after that s@?# you pulled, you can bet l'll be looking into you!"”

The board features several different people who are suspected to have stolen the precious jersey, including Lady Gaga, his dog, Scooby, Jaws, and even the Crab people, but one man in particular was called out by Brady: Julian Edelman.

This is not the first time the QB has taken to Instagram to flex his social media muscles, and taking a closer look at the insta posts, one can clearly see that the 5-time ring winner is clearly killing the social media game. 

He has everything from posts calling himself out, like when he posted his failed tackle attempt from the Superbowl:

Or when he posted the  Pokemon card of him being featured as the new “Snorlax”:

Brady even has a post of him wishing his fans a Happy Chinese New Year, all in Chinese. What other athlete has ever done that? I think it's safe to say that Tom is also the GOAT when it comes to social media as well. 

Now the big question is: Will Edelman fess up to stealing the jersey? Or is the suspect still at large?

You can check out more of Tom Brady's amazing Instagram posts HERE.

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