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VIDEO: Past & Current Players Explain Why You Should NEVER Trash-talk Brady

22 days ago

Tom Brady typically maintains a cool, calm and collected personality when off the field. Come game-time though, he's a completely different animal. 

Many clips, sound bytes and player confessionals have surfaced of Brady's awesome trash-talking prowess. Just ask Ray lewis or Richard Sherman. 

The only thing better than Tom Brady's trash-talking skills (aside from his football skills) is how he responds when the trash-talking comes his way. Simply put, he goes HAM on the field and lets his play do all the talking. 

A short while back, former Lions WR Nate Burleson appeared on NFL Network and gave a great example of this as he told a story of his 2010 matchup against the Patriots. 

Long story short, with the Lions leading in the third quarter, CB Alphonso Smith made the mistake of giving Brady an innocuous finger wag after a pass breakup. Big mistake, as you can see in the video below. 

Smith was torn apart for the rest of the game as the Patriots went on to spank the Lions, 45-24.  spent the rest of the game with a target on his back while Brady and the Patriots steamrolled their way to a 45-24 win. 

Smith isn't the only one to experience this. Otherworldly pass-rusher, Von Miller seems to be aware of not trash talking Brady as well:

A year after being torched by Brady, Smith seems to have learned what the rest of the league already knows (via

"You've got to make sure who you pick a gunfight with. Tom Brady and (Bill) Belichick is not the guys that you should pick a gunfight with, especially being in your second year in this league, which means you know nothing.

"I was one of those young guys that didn't know anything. Chose to get in a gunfight with John Wayne and some other famous old Western guy."

Hopefully this year's class of new defenders coming into the league are taking notes....

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