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Why Colin Cowherd Thinks The Patriots Are The Real Winners With Romo Retiring

16 days ago

So it looks like the Patriots are taking W's left and right, and now they don't even need to do anything to put another W in their pocket.

You would think that you wouldn't be able to find much of a winner in the Tony Romo situation, but Colin Cowherd did, and he is pointing at the Patriots as the real winners here.

Cowherd had this to say on an episode of "The Herd" last week, while talking about Romo's recent retirement:

"New England only has to get past nine or 10 teams to just get to a Super Bowl now. 

And they have a better coach than all of them, and a better quarter back than all of them."

Check out the video below for more on why he thinks the Patriots are the real benefactors of Tony Romo's retirement. 

The man does make a valid argument. Both the Texans and Broncos have solid squads without a viable quarterback option. 

If Romo wouldn't went to either team, it definitely would have made the road to a repeat that much more difficult for Brady and company. 

Luckily, the Patriots and their fans no longer have to worry about that scenario. 

This just means that you can score Romo's retirement as an early victory for the Pats.

Leave it to the Patriots to get a victory before the season even begins, and without having to do anything at all. 

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