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Please Shut Up About Kellyanne and the Couch

55 days ago

Kellyanne Conway put her feet up on the couch, and now the heavens themselves are weeping, or so you would think from the strong condemnations she is receiving from Twitter. I’m as blue-blooded as they come, and even I think this is utterly ridiculous.

Let’s play a game of “hey do you remember?” 

Hey, do you remember when Republicans criticized President Obama for wearing a tan suit, saying it was too casual, and we called them ridiculous?

Hey, do you remember when President Obama saluted some soldiers with a coffee in hand, and the Right went berserk, while we called them crazy?

Hey, do you remember how Republicans would criticize Obama for his food choices, and we called them insane?

Well at least Obama never put his feet up on White House furniture - oh wait...

There are one million legitimate reasons to dislike Kellyanne Conway. She coined “alternative facts” for god’s sake. Her putting feet up on the couch isn’t one of these legitimate reasons. And while it may seem harmless, criticizing Conway for non-important factors, delegitimizes the important ones. 

So please, so that the rest of us don’t appear insane, stop tweeting about Conway putting her feet on a damned couch.

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