Hawaii Lawyers Move To Block Trump Travel Ban

48 days ago

On Monday, President Trump signed a newly revised travel ban and was met with significantly less criticism than the original executive order. 

However, the executive order still managed to ruffle some feathers. Lawyers from Hawaii are the first to ask a federal judge to block the order temporarily. 

The lawyers stated that “the new executive order is resulting in the establishment of religion in the State of Hawaii contrary to its state Constitution.” 

They also argued that residents of Hawaii and other American citizens in Hawaii would be affected by the ban and not be able to see immediate family members living in the six countries stated by the ban.

The travel ban will be going into effect on march 16th. Iraq was removed from the list of countries affected by the ban and current visa holders will no longer be affected. Syrian refugees are temporarily banned and refugees that have already been granted asylum will be allowed in. To learn more about the ban, you can click here.

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