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5 Actors Who Would Absolutely Kill The Nightwing Role

32 days ago

Nightwing is finally coming to the big screen! Warner Bros recently announced that they will be teaming up with The Lego Batman Movie director, Chris McKay to bring the Nightwing story to life. 

The script is being written by Bill Dubuque, most recently known for The Accountant. 

Nightwing, AKA Dick Grayson is best known for being the original Robin. When his acrobatic family were murdered, Bruce Wayne took him into his home where he transformed into Robin.  

As Robin grew up, he felt the need to come out from under Batman's shadow and that's when he developed Nightwing.  

This character is complex. Less haunting than that of Batman, but still a badass.  He was always the cool kid in school with the good looks. He's not as chatty as let's say Spider-Man, but he's deeply caring and has a good heart. 

In 2013, IGN placed Nightwing 5th in the top 25 DC heroes list and ComicsAlliance ranked him the #1 sexiest male character in comics. 

With all that in mind, these are the top 5 actors we really hope Warner Bros. considers.  

Steven Yeun

Steven has already racked up a huge fan base within The Walking Dead community. ​He's proven time and time again that he can be a real badass and has never failed to win over the hearts of anyone he encounters... well, except Negan.  I think Steven would be a solid pick for this character. 

Rami Malek

Rami has won me over for his performance as Elliot in Mr. Robot. One of the most complex characters I've ever seen on screen, his acting is perfection. He's already brought home an Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor and I don't see his career slowing down any time soon.  

Andrew Garfield

After being let go from Spider-Man, I'm sure Andrew is ready to redeem himself. And what better way to stick it to Marvel than by switching over to DC. He's proved many times he can take a character and turn him into a complex individual. I blame the writing on that Spider-Man disaster. 

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Joseph was always the original Nightwing had Christopher Nolan continued his Batman saga. It would be nice to see him finish what he started and become the official character. He's got amazing charisma and surely would fill the seats.  

Matt Cohen

The fans have spoken and it looks like Supernatural's Matt Cohen is a top favorite. The hashtag #MattForNightwing quickly started trending at the announcement of the Nightwing movie. If the fans have their way, this will be the man. 

​So who do you think should play Nightwing?  Do you agree with my list?  If not, let me know why I'm an idiot in the comments! 

Jon enjoys long walks on the beach and a nice pair of slacks. In his free time you may find him at a concert in Brooklyn or a craft beer bar.
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