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This Is The Problem With The Man Of Steel

29 days ago

How do you make a god human?

This is the problem that Man of Steel, and Batman vs Superman struggled with. 

In the old Superman series, Superman had charisma and charm. 

Sure, he wore his underwear on the outside, and had goofy powers like turning back time, and a kiss that made you forget, but he was still charming. 

And it’s not like Henry Cavill is devoid of charm. Anyone who watched Man From U.N.C.L.E could tell you that. 

So, what’s different here in the DCEU?

I would argue that as far as Superman goes, Henry Cavill is the best we’ve had. He has this aura of power that is completely believable. 

When he floats down onto the screen, I feel as if he could destroy the world without breaking a sweat.

However, he’s a terrible Clark Kent. 

Let’s compare Christopher Reeve’s Clark Kent to Henry Cavill’s. 

Here’s Christopher Reeve:

Notice how he’s bent over so that he appears smaller, his hairstyle is completely different and makes him look nerdy, his voice is unsteady and nervous, his glasses make him look more awkward and out of place. 

Finally, we see him toying with whether or not he should show Lois his secret identity. 

Now let’s take a look at Henry Cavill’s Clark Kent:

He stands tall, talks with confidence, looks handsome, his muscles are ripping out of his jacket, and the glasses do nothing to add awkwardness. This man is a handsome and confident. 

Now this is important. Because Superman, especially in the Zack Snyder version, is a god, and gods can’t be related to. 

That’s why Clark Kent is so important. He grounds Superman and makes him relatable to us, the viewer. 

So, while I enjoyed Man of Steel (Along with most people who watched it), I believe Superman could be improved by just working on Clark Kent. 

Stop making him so confident. We need a flawed hero, and Henry Cavill can produce it, he just needs to be allowed to show it.

His name's technically Chanoch, but goes by Henry because it's pronounceable. He has an indescribable love for Star Wars, and is finally getting around to playing Undertale. He currently attends the University of Baltimore, working towards his English degree.
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