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The Real Reason Batman And Wonder Woman Can't Ever Be Together

43 days ago

If you had ever watched the Animated Batman cartoons or the Justice League cartoons, you probably shipped Batman and Wonder Woman. 

There was always an intense underlying tension between the two. But no relationship ever materialized between them.

Could it be Batman's emotional unavailability? 

His parents' death weighing so heavily on his psyche that he can't let another person in on his life? Maybe it's the disconnect between an Amazonian princess and a rich playboy?

All valid points, but according to one creative reddit user, there's an even sadder reason. /u/Jopthebass, seems to believe that the child of Batman and Wonder Woman would theoretically prove to be too big of a danger to mankind for for the two of them to even consider procreating.

For those of you who aren't interested in reading the full Reddit Thread, I'll provide a brief overview of the theory: 

Batman is one of the most practical, logical superheroes. He helped create the Justice League, a collection of the most powerful beings on earth (not to mention his friends), and then created contingency plans to take down each superhero in the unfortunate scenario that they would go rogue. I mean the guy even creates a step by step analysis of how to defeat himself in case he goes rogue!

Knowing how Batman thinks, let's just look at who Batman is. A physical specimen, a genius detective, an astute fighter. 

Now let's turn to Wonder Woman. Also, a physical specimen with added abilities, a trained fighter, incredible willpower and one of the world's strongest beings.

The theoretical child of Batman and Wonder Woman would be the product of two incredibly gifted individuals and as such, would be gifted themselves. Imagine, a super intelligent, super strong heir of two of the world's most powerful armies and modern day empires. 

What could possibly go wrong?

Personally, I think Jopthebass offers a pretty compelling theory. 

This child would be the target of shady and questionable organization around the world. The League of Assassins would love to have the natural heir to the Amazonian throne on their side, leading their crusade, and Batman can't let that even become a possibility, no matter how minute. 

If Batman has the ability to stop something, he has proven time and time again that he will, even if that means forgoing fulfilling his heart's desires (and fans').

What does everybody think? Does this theory have legs? What other super couples would you like to see?

Zev is a recovering Vine addict (RIP) currently detoxing on a healthy dose of Reddit, Drake memes, and Rocket League. Hit him up on Twitter to find out the secret to the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ success.
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