The Fate of the DCEU Rests on Wonder Woman’s Shoulders

5 days ago

DC’s Trinity: Batman. Superman. Wonder Woman. 

These three heavy hitters have been the trailblazers for the company since the beginning. Batman has 9 movies. Superman has 7. Wonder Woman? None…yet. 

2017 marks the 75th anniversary of the Amazonian princess’ debut and, despite having a 1977 TV Series starring Lynda Carter, Wonder Woman has had to wait until now to star in her first live-action film. 

Yet, it could not have come in a more perilous time for the DC Extended Universe. 

In 2013, DC launched its cinematic universe with Zack Snyder’s film “Man of Steel”. At the time, the film was criticized as being too doom and gloom for Superman. 

But, in retrospect, it is the highest rated DCEU movie on Rotten Tomatoes, receiving a 55% where “BVS: Dawn of Justice” received a 28% and “Suicide Squad” received a 25%. 

With the current state of affairs at Warner Bros., one must ask themselves whether or not “Wonder Woman” is up to the task of saving the DCEU. 

First of all, it has a couple of things going for it. Gal Gadot is playing Wonder Woman and fans really got behind her in BvS. Most people walked out the theater wanting to see more of Themyscira’s Princess and they’re getting exactly that come June.

Also, DC is taking the right track providing an origin story for Wonder Woman. Going back to her beginning allows casual and new fans alike to absorb her early stories involving Steve Trevor, played by Chris Pine (another heavy hitter actor sure to bring in fans). 

Not only is the setting of the film visually and aesthetically adventurous and mythological in scope, but the main villain for the film has been confirmed to be Ares, the god of war. 

This is definitely going to raise the stakes of the conflict in the film. Not only will Diana be fighting against one of her most iconic villains, but one can assume the entire pantheon of Greek gods (Wonder Woman’s family in the comics) can become a part of this universe at some point. 

From what we’ve seen in the trailers thus far, the movie looks visually striking and full of action. 

This however is true about both of its predecessors in the DCEU. That alone will not be enough to change the public and critical opinion of DC’s films. 

What IS promising about this movie is that Wonder Woman is in the perfect position to have a convincing character arc that revolves around real conflict, not just punching each other in the super face (despite how good those scenes were). 

She is conflicted between her normal way of life on the island of Themyscira and a new life which forces her into a crossroads of sorts. 

This arc leaves plenty of room for character development without sacrificing the sword and shield wielding action scenes we’ve seen in the trailers.

Listen, Warner Bros. If you tied up every fan with Wonder Woman’s lasso of truth and asked them what we wanted from their movies that we’re not getting is this: heart. And there is no doubt that Wonder Woman is the hero that can give us that.

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