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DC Unveils Brand New Superman

33 days ago


What a time to be a Superman fan, especially if you're a more of a fan of the comic book Man of Steel than the ever-changing live-action man. 

Instead of being reinvigorated like his colleagues, Superman was outright replaced in the launch of the "DC Rebirth".

Some of you comic book fans may remember, the New 52 Superman "died" under some mysterious "ashy" circumstances, and the Superman of old returned to the DC Universe, with Lois Lane and son, Jonathan Kent, in tow.

Now with Action Comics #976, we have finally found out what is going on: the Newer 52 Superman didn't die after all. He's back and even has a slight twist to him.

Apparently, DC wanted to make sure every Superman fan left happy. In order to achieve this, they decided to have both the younger, New 52 version AND the older,  father Superman, all rolled into one.

"Superman Reborn"

Rather than delve into the long, convoluted story, I strongly suggest you check out the "Superman Reborn" series.  

And if you're wondering, he even has a brand new suit.

Gone are the wrist cuffs, neck collar, and monochrome bodysuit. Back are the red boots, and a yellow-buckled belt – but no, the underwear is still missing (maybe for the best).

There is however, only one small issue. Neither Superman is the "real" Superman. 

Each Superman is a different piece of one whole. These pieces were created when Doctor Manhattan split the DC timeline into two separate paths

It is not until Action Comics #976 that Lois Lane and Superman are finally unified again, but this time, they are unified versions of themselves, containing memories from both the New 52 and the Original DC Universes.

This opens up the door to many more storylines. DC could be implying that all DC characters are capable of going through similar storylines, and that they are all currently in limbo just waiting to merge with their New 52 selves. 

Although one thing fans have noticed is that it looks like the writers are doing the right thing for the Superman mythology - they are getting out of it. 

This is probably because they felt like they were being backed into a corner after they knew continuity freaks will likely freak out over the changing of Superman's history once again. 

What do you think of the *new* Superman? Let us know in the comments down below!

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