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WebMD launching pregnancy study app with Apple’s ResearchKit

WebMD has launched a new version of its pregnancy app that uses Apple’s ResearchKit framework to easily conduct user surveys.
The Healthy Pregnancy Study relies on ResearchKit to “easily and anonymously answer questions, and share connected device data about their pregnancies with researchers for analysis” according to WebMD. WebMD says its ResearchKit-based pregnancy study will ask participants to share “medication use, vaccinations they may have received during pregnancy, pre-existing conditions, blood pressure and weight change, diagnoses during pregnancy, as well as childbirth location, among other details.” ResearchKit and the iPhone app also lets participants share biometric data including step count and sleep data, and the study will continue after birth as well: After they give birth, participants will also be asked to share information about additional factors, including provider insights and interventions, and birth size of the baby. In return, the app will give users visualizations of their data trends throughout pregnancy, and later on, as more data is collected, it will allow users to compare their data with that of other pregnant women who share their traits. WebMD is working in partnership with the Scripps Translational Science Institute to conduct the pregnancy study. ResearchKit’s goal is to make participating in medical studies safe, private, and accessible as a way to collect more useful information for a cause. Last week we saw a clinical observation published using data from Apple’s ResearchKit framework to study asthma which showed both the benefits and challenges of this approach.
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