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World’s first computer virus hit the Apple II 35 years ago

35 years ago, the first piece of malware to ever spread out in the wild came into existence.
Dubbed “Elk Cloner” and created by a 15-year old programmer named Rich Skrenta, Elk Cloner was a boot sector virus that targeted the Apple II and spread via floppy disk. Fueled by curiosity as opposed to malice, Skrenta designed Elk Cloner as a fun little prank and a way to immerse himself in the oh so fun world of assembly language. Don't Miss : Leak shows a stunning Galaxy S8 in a stolen Jet Black finish Once an infected disk was inserted into a machine, a copy of Elk Cloner was placed in memory and would subsequently copy itself onto an uninfected disk. With this clever scheme, the virus was able to easily spread from machine to machine. When a disk containing the malware was inserted into an Apple II, the fiftieth bootup from disk would present users with the following poem. Elk Cloner: The program with a personality It will get on all your disks It will infiltrate your chips Yes, it’s Cloner! It will stick to you like glue It will modify RAM too Send in the Cloner!
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