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EXCLUSIVE: Watch Darren Criss' Music Meister Pay 'Supergirl' a Visit Ahead of 'The Flash' Musical Crossover!

Darren Criss is reuniting with former Glee co-stars Grant Gustin and Melissa Benoist for some musical mischief on Tuesday’s The Flash-Supergirl musical crossover, but first, he’s gotta catch them!
In ET’s exclusive first look at the final moments of Monday’s Supergirl, fans get to see how Criss’ Music Meister bridges the gap between worlds to bring Barry Allen (Gustin) and Kara Zor-El (Benoist) back together. “We have a new prisoner coming in today,” J'onn J'onzz (David Harewood) announces to the team at the Department of Extra-Normal Operations, including Supergirl and Winn Schott (Jeremy Jordan). “He’s not our typical guest, so look sharp.” EXCLUSIVE: 'The Flash' & 'Supergirl' Musical Crossover: Behind-the-Scenes of Kara & Barry's Tap Dancing Duet! After that fanfare, in walks the shackled Music Meister, who Winn says “looks fun.” “There you are!” Criss’ brazen antagonist tells Supergirl.
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