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An Everyday Person's Choice for Oscar's Best Picture

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The Oscars are run by a bunch of film snobs (AKA experts) and I enjoy watching some movies. 

While watching the Oscars, I noticed none of the movies I believed should have been nominated for best picture were, so I made a short list, and why they should be nominated. Enjoy!


Okay, now I know what you’re thinking. Reading that Deadpool should win this year’s academy award for best picture, is the stupidest thing you’ve read all year, and considering some of the high-quality crap we’ve gotten this year that’s saying something. 

However, Deadpool deserves best picture. Was it the best movie? No. Was it even the best comedy? Probably not. However, this is the movie that is going to affect the industry the most. Comic book movies are stuck in a rut. Everyone looks at the Marvel formula, sees how successful it’s been and attempts to copy it in every way possible. 

The biggest way this has shown, is the unwillingness to go and get an “R” rating. Take the new Batman V. Superman movie. Among its other problems, it had an identity issue. It was going for this dark dramatic vibe, that certainly would have been better suited with an “R.” I mean, when they finally let loose with the Batman in the warehouse scene, I lost my mind. 

If that was the whole movie, it would have been amazing. But, you can’t sell toys with that rating can you? Deadpool showed the world that’s not true. It was an entertaining, financially successful, “R” rated superhero movie, that hopefully, will transform the superhero industry beyond Fox Studios, so that the Superhero stories we know and love remain fresh, not only in tomatoes, but in our hearts.


First a comic book movie, now an animated movie. I’m starting to see why the Oscars are rejecting all my application letters. But seriously, who did not enjoy this movie? One of the few movies to come out that wasn’t based on some previous IP, Zootopia proved Disney Animation can rival Pixar punch for punch. 

The two main characters were voiced wonderfully by Ginnifer Goodwin (Judy Hopps) and Jason Bateman (Nick Wilde) as they showed us an incredible city where all types of animals get together. Although the metaphor to race relations was a little heavy-handed, it is a timely one and Disney should get props for their willingness to tackle such a serious topic in a children’s movie. 

Funny, sweet, while still being serious, Zootopia deserves to climb out of the “Best animated picture” category, and into Best Picture.

Star Wars: Rogue One

Ah, the lazy sequel. After the rousing success of Star Wars Episode 7, Rogue One could have just been an hour and a half GIF of Jar-Jar Binks being crushed by an AT-AT and it still would have grossed a billion dollars. 

Instead, Disney and Lucas Films chose to create a Star Wars Story, unlike any we have seen. A much grittier war story, where SPOILER ALERT although the heroes are successful in their mission, they do not make it out with their lives. They chose to forgo Star Wars’ usual black and white morality system, and introduce a little bit of grey. 

With entertaining characters whom you learn to love in the short period we see them, Star Wars: Rogue One is a comfort to all Star Wars fans out there (especially me) that the franchise is in good hands. Also, tell me they don’t deserve it for the Darth Vader fight scene alone. That was the best piece of cinema all year.

La La Land

Because I have a heart, god damn it.

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