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Time-saving Tips for Planning a Delicious Backyard Brunch

<html><body><div><div data-reactid=".1s1ywai1340.$0"><p data-reactid=".1s1ywai1340.$0.$0"><span data-reactid=".1s1ywai1340.$0.$0.0">There is nothing quite like spring—warm weather, flowers in bloom, and invites galore to enjoy endless sunny days.
It’s the perfect time to gather your friends for a backyard brunch filled with mouthwatering seasonal dishes that are simple to prepare and easy to enjoy. We partnered with </span><a href=";utm_medium=Article2&amp;utm_content=P1&amp;utm_campaign=Spring" data-reactid=".1s1ywai1340.$0.$0.$1"><span data-reactid=".1s1ywai1340.$0.$0.$1.0">Starbucks</span></a><span data-reactid=".1s1ywai1340.$0.$0.2"> to share tips on helping you plan out the very best girls brunch outside—so that you can celebrate and enjoy the weekend. </span></p><p data-reactid=".1s1ywai1340.$0.$1"><strong data-reactid=".1s1ywai1340.$0.$1.$0"><span data-reactid=".1s1ywai1340.$0.$1.$0.0">Celebrate The Season’s Bounty</span></strong></p><p data-reactid=".1s1ywai1340.$0.$3"><span data-reactid=".1s1ywai1340.$0.$3.0">A casual outdoor meal in the backyard calls for a large-format dish that tastes just as good at room temperature as it does straight out of the oven. To take advantage of the season’s fresh produce, pick up some crisp asparagus and spring onions from the farmers’ market to include in a quiche flecked with ricotta and sprinkled with chopped herbs. It’s tasty and pairs well with a simple salad of peppery radishes, making it a winning dish for a crowd</span></p><p data-reactid=".1s1ywai1340.$0.$4"><strong data-reactid=".1s1ywai1340.$0.$4.$0"><span data-reactid=".1s1ywai1340.$0.$4.$0.0">Keep Things Hot from the Pot</span></strong></p><p data-reactid=".1s1ywai1340.$0.$6"><span data-reactid=".1s1ywai1340.$0.$6.0">Let guests enjoy the sunshine outside, and bring a tray of freshly b
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