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Instant, No-Knead Pizza Dough (This is Not a Trick)

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Our obsession with not kneading dough hasn’t waned since Kristen first wrote about Jim Lahey’s classic no-knead dough, newly tweaked for pizza, 5 years ago. We’ve since shared No-Knead Sandwich Bread, No-Knead Country Loaf, No-Knead Focaccia, even No-Knead Challah. Advertisement What all of those recipes have in common (aside from the not kneading bit) is time. You might not have much work to do in bringing these doughs together, but you will have to wait to use them, because as Lahey once said, “without fermentation the dough won’t be that interesting.” Photo by Julia Gartland Luckily, Patricia Wells didn’t get that memo (or chose to ignore it), because the multi-purpose dough recipe she shares in her new book, My Master Recipes, is not only no-knead, it is also instant. Instant! She flouts no-knead bread convention with a dough that uses instant yeast, comes together in a food processor, and still manages to have an interesting flavor thanks to a scrap you’ve probably never given a second thought.
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