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14 Vegan Dessert Recipes to Satisfy Any Sweet Tooth

Over the years, you've probably had enough great incidentally vegan recipes—stuff like warming Indian curries or simple Italian pastas—that you know you don't need animal products to make a great dinner.
Things get trickier when it's time for dessert, though, since baked goods tend to rely heavily on butter, milk, and eggs. But that doesn't mean vegans are out of luck. Sorbet is a classic dessert that just happens to be animal-product-free, as is Thai mango sticky rice. Coconut cream can make a vegan ice cream that's as rich and satisfying as any dairy-based version, while oil makes a fine replacement for butter in our vegan chocolate chip cookies. Keep reading for 14 of our favorite vegan dessert recipes, from plum sorbet to a chocolate-covered caramel honeycomb that kids will love. A note on sugar: White sugar is typically processed with bone char, which keeps it from being vegan. These days, however, many brands use mineral-based filters—if you have questions about a particular brand of sugar, check with the manufacturer to see what method is used to process it.
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