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Review: Mass Effect: Andromeda

Space Oddity "Andromeda is all about new beginnings, not holding funerals."
I overheard some generic leader telling his crew that aboard the Nexus, what is functionally Mass Effect: Andromeda's Citadel-like hub area. These people -- the ones spearheading the initiative and the thousands more still in cryosleep -- have given up their lives in the Milky Way and shipped off to the Andromeda galaxy in hopes that whatever's there is better, or, at the very least, habitable. So too is Mass Effect: Andromeda about new beginnings. More direct, it's not a memorial service. Developer BioWare very sparingly makes any reference to characters from the Shepard Trilogy -- it just doesn't feel like that's what we're here for. This is a Mass Effect game in name only. Sure, there's a lot that's recognizable.
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